August 1 — 2018

Tamás Rizsavi took photos from the highest crane in the city at Agora Budapest

The city-scale project of HB Reavis, the construction of AGORA Budapest, has entered a new stage. In this HB Reavis development a daily average of 40-50 trucks has produced nearly 200,000 m3 of earth from one of the most immense construction sites in Budapest in preparation for the structural engineering. In the meantime, a 90-meter tower crane without rope support, currently the highest in Budapest, has arrived to AGORA along with other cranes to help with this spectacular phase of the construction. Tamás Rizsavi, the photographer known for his panorama pictures taken from great heights, recently climbed the tower crane and now his pictures allow us to admire the Budapest sunrise from a bird’s-eye view.

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