Did you know that we have over 100 parking spaces at Agora’s underground car park available for everybody? Should you be a local resident, a visitor to Agora, or just looking for a secure car space for day or night, look no further! We are at your service for an easy, convenient and safe parking.
Parking card

Monthly Parking Pass


There are two entrances to our garage:

  • From Árbóc street
  • From Esztergomi street

Feel free to park at any places located on P1 (entering floor). The colours on the columns are helping in the navigation:

  • Red Parking places below the Hub building
  • Orange Parking places below the Tower building
  • Green Parking places below the Park (central community square)

Please note that floor P2 & P3 are accessible exclusively for our tenants, public parking is not available there. We appreciate your understanding.


Payment is possible by scanning the parking ticket recieved upon arrival at the payment machines placed in various points of the garage. There is an option to pay by the licence plate number as well, in case the parking ticket is lost.

All payments need to be performed via credit card.

Hourly ticket prices 1st hour 250 HUF (gross)
from 2nd hour 500 HUF/hour (gross)
Daily ticket 4 750 HUF (gross)
Monthly pass (24/7) 60 000 HUF (gross)
Monthly night pass (Monday-Friday: 18:00-8:00, weekends 24/7) 30 000 HUF (gross)
Monthly business pass (Monday-Friday: 7:00-19:00) 50 000 HUF (gross)
Parking Card hourly price (weekday) 350 HUF/hour (gross)
Parking Card daily limit (weekday) 3 500 HUF (gross)
Parking Card hourly price (weekend) 200 HUF/hour (gross)
Parking Card daily limit (weekend) 2 000 HUF (gross)

In case you visit one of our retail outlets at Agora, you are offered 2 hours parking complimentary! Please ask for the validation with your parking ticket at the cash register.

In case of a request for a company invoice about the parking fee:

  1. Please write an e-mail to the “” e-mail address
  2. Attach the certification you received after payment as a photo/scanned file
  3. Include the company invoicing details (company name, address, VAT number)
  4. Send this e-mail on the same day of the parking until 11:59 PM

Download our parking rules document

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